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Vision and Mission

Bethel’s Vision: How we will carry out what God has called us to be as His people

Loving the Lord in Worship is our most important ministry wherein we come, unified in faith, to honor and adore God who meets us corporately and feeds us spiritually, knitting us together as one people through the work of the Holy Spirit operating through Word and Sacrament.  

In Living for Jesus we give joyfully of ourselves to serve one another as a caring community of believers, nurturing each other in love and prayer as empowered by the gifts God gives us as His people.  We recognize that we are not our own as we have been bought with a price.  The One who paid that price for us is Jesus Christ and we belong to Him and to one another.   As Jesus gave His life for us, we are called to live for Him.

In Laboring to be faithful and true to the Scriptures, we understand the great importance of holding fast to God’s Word as the infallible rule for faith and practice in every generation.  We are not only to love the Lord our God with our heart and soul but also with our minds.  Therefore, we are committed to the faithful preaching and teaching of God’s Word which is most clearly and fully expressed in the Reformed Faith.

Leading the lost to God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the work of following Christ’s example and His command, enabled by His strength to reach out to our neighbors, and our world, encouraging and equipping them to become followers of Jesus Christ.