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Our Denomination

Bethel CRC is part of a denomination called the

Christian Reformed Church of North America  (CRCNA).

"Christian Reformed Church"


The name CHRISTIAN means that we bear the name of Christ proudly, since we gladly confess Him to be the source of our life from day to day.  We believe that He as God’s Son came to live among men as man, to die for them and be raised from death.  He is alive in our century, offering alienated, sinful people the way back to fellowship with God the Father.

The name REFORMED means that we are gladly indebted to the teachings of Calvin, Luther, and their contemporaries in the 16th century.  Among those teachings are the convictions that the Bible is infallible and is the only dependable, trustworthy source of authority, that we come into a saving relationship with God only because of His gracious effort and not because of ours, and therefore God deserves our praise in every single area of our life.

The name CHURCH means that we need one another.  We need one another to deepen our walk with God, and to remind and encourage each other of our common task.  This task includes serving God faithfully in our families and our careers and in inviting those who do not know Him, both here and around the world, to consider His claims on their lives.